Asphyx - Crush The Cenotaph Tape

Asphyx - Crush The Cenotaph Tape

ASPHYX, the legendary doom and death metal band from the Netherlands, have had a storied career. Originally formed in 1988, ASPHYX released the three demos "Carnage Remains", "Enter the Domain", and "Crush the Cenotaph". In 1992, ASPHYX released their "Crush the Cenotaph" EP consisting of 2 tracks from the original 1988 demo, "Crush the Cenotaph", and "Rites of Shades". "The Krusher", a track that would end up on their second full-length album, "Last one on Earth". And finally, live recordings of "Evocation" and "Wasteland of Terror", from their debut album, "The Rack".

The songs come along in the Asphyx-typical manner, that is, sluggish passages are followed by aggressive bludgeoning parts that have it all, and top-class and catchy riffing, as we are used to from Asphyx!

- limited edition of 300 pieces

A1 Crush The Cenotaph
A2 Rite Of Shades
A3 The Krusher
A4 Evocation (Live)
A5 Wasteland Of Terror (Live)

B1 Crush The Cenotaph
B2 Rite Of Shades
B3 The Krusher
B4 Evocation (Live)
B5 Wasteland Of Terror (Live)