Controlled By Fear – The Only Good Cop Is A Dead One Lp

Controlled By Fear  – The Only Good Cop Is A Dead One Lp

C.B.F. (Controlled By Fear - (pre-RUPTURE) formed in late 1988, with Andrew (Gus Chamber) on vocals, Matt (Stumblefuck) on guitar, Neal on bass, and Matt on drums. The band lasted barely more than a year but played many gigs in Perth, Western Australia, and were headlining shows towards the end of their short-lived career. Talentless amateur young punk musicians, ages from 16 to 20, influenced by all sorts of bands from Doom to G-Anx to Conflict to Fear Of God (whose song they stole their band name from), their musicianship improved over the months and they began to veer off in their own musical directions. Neal went on to play in Cuchulainn Powerhead, Matt went on to drum in Fat Lip & Nailed Down, and Gus & Stumblefuck went on to form Rupture at the very end of 1989. But C.B.F. was where it all started, 25 years ago, at a time when grindy/crusty hardcore was just emerging in Perth. Pestilence (with Kim on guitar, later to form Nailed Down) was perhaps the first band that brought that style of punk to Perth. But Perth has a long legacy of punk, right back to '76/'77 with the excellent Geeks and Cheap Nasties. Where Controlled By Fear fits in to this vibrant colourful lineage, who knows, but they were certainly a hard-working (albeit drunk & stoned) underground band in Perth in '88/'89. Fond but blurry memories for the surviving band members. R.I.P. Andrew/Gus.
On a sidenote, on the day this was recorded, an actual professional studio had been booked, but that morning the engineer called up and said some renovations were still going on & he had to cancel. So the band booked a rehearsal room, hired a 4-track, bought a load of beers & pot & recorded themselves (with the help of a friend). This LP contains this entire unreleased demo recording (remastered decades later at Stumblefuck's "Hundskit Studio"), plus 2 live songs that for some reason were mangled on the demo. So in that respect it is completist C.B.F. The only songs missing are 3 covers, "Multinationals" by Doom, "Cold War" by Siege, & "Lowlife" by Cryptic Slaughter, all of which were always performed unhindered by any talent whatsoever. Also 2 songs that were performed live but never captured in any recording - "Woodrow's Dead & I'm So Fucking Sad" (about Simon Townsend's dog who jumped out of a helicopter & died), and "I Wanna Be A Thrombus Groupie" (sung to the tune of "Anarchy In The UK", and dedicated to fellow Perth punk band Thrombus).”