Jungle Rot - Dead and Buried Tape

Jungle Rot - Dead and Buried Tape

"Dead and Buried" is the second studio album by Jungle Rot. As on the previous album, there is old-school death metal with a pinch of thrash, which is mainly midtempo. Massacre or even old Cannibal Corpse send their regards. You won't find much innovation or originality, what counts is a fat, heavy groove!

The 2022 re-release as cassette tape in a limited edition of 300 copies with completely new artwork.

A1 Intro 0:40
A2 Immersed In Pain 2:33
A3 Virus 2:32
A4 Misplaced Anger 3:32
A5 Humans Shall Pay 3:15
A6 Strangulation Mutilation 4:15
A7 Red Skies 3:22

B8 Killing Machine 2:43
B9 Dead And Buried 4:27
B10 Psychotic Cremation 1:25
B11 Afterlife 3:10
B12 Circle Of Death / Jungle Rot 3:29
B13 Another Fix 2:10