SORE THROAT - Starving Wolves Stand & Fight LP (BLACK)

SORE THROAT - Starving Wolves Stand & Fight  LP (BLACK)

Three well known anthems from the past "Change Matter'' and ''Water Business'' Recorded together at Rehearsal in May 1988 and Sexual Behavior In The Human Mule from April 1Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies.
The return of UK's horrendous noise/hardcore disgrace after more than 3 decades! Back with a bang after a 33-year silence to provide an antidote to the sheeplike compliance of reactionary "revolutionaries" crying "not in my name" while simultaneously doing as their glorious leaders dictate, SORE THROAT has downed tools, picked up their instruments again, and decided to start a fight with every one of the suckers who got sucked in to the narrative. Written and recorded in one afternoon and delivering 21 brand new high velocity caustic hardcore attacks (and 1 long experimental toe tapper), "STARVING WOLVES STAND & FIGHT" is pressed on glorious 12 inches of non-vegan vinyl (Soon to be outlawed by Supreme leader Schwab) and comes with a full colour poster made from a tree. Better to be deafened by noise, than blinded by lies!988. Remastered with great sound quality! Juntaro described them as their best version even! These recordings are tribute to Mike Millard!
Noise Nihilist crushes again with his drum & bass noise core tribute to good old times, together 164 songs of pure sound nihilism!