Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage Tape

Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage Tape

This is the first full album release from Swedish death metal group Bloodbath. It is the last release to feature Dan Swanö on drums, as he later switched to playing guitar. Bloodbath were not out to win any awards for innovation, but to strip away the complexity of their current projects and have a good time writing what comes natural: old school Swedish death with the crunch on overdrive.

- limited edition of 300 pieces

A1 Ways To The Grave 4:09
A2 So You Die 3:18
A3 Mass Strangulation 3:32
A4 Death Delirium 5:06
A5 Buried By The Dead 3:14

B1 The Soulcollector 3:37
B2 Bathe In Blood 4:11
B3 Trail Of Insects 4:36
B4 Like Fire 4:34
B5 Cry My Name 4:40